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Benefits of Having an Attorney for Divorce

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Why You Should Consult an Attorney for Divorce

Considering Divorce? You’ll Want a Lawyer on Your Side

Even the most amicable divorce is stressful because dissolving a marital relationship is never easy. An experienced lawyer will be able to explain all your options and walk you through the necessary steps. More importantly, a lawyer can assess your case professionally, with your best interests at heart.

During the emotional turmoil of a divorce, it can be difficult to think clearly about securing assets, protecting your liability, or mapping out the best child custody plan. The right divorce team helps their clients negotiate terms that are most beneficial to all concerned parties—including the children. The support of a knowledgeable, trustworthy Denton County lawyer can help you arrive at the best divorce agreement possible.

A Mutual, Fair Divorce Settlement

There are three basic routes for a divorce proceeding in North Texas:

  1. Mutual agreement
  2. Mediated settlement
  3. Divorce trial

The divorcing couple can sometimes negotiate the division of community property and child custody through a mutual agreement. However, it is still wise to have the counsel of an experienced lawyer who can ensure all relevant issues are addressed. For instance, the courts consider bank accounts and real estate, as well as retirement funds, investments, and insurance policies to be community property. Your lawyer can explain whether any personal property, such as an inheritance that came into your possession before you were married, is exempt from division. Similarly, you should be aware of your potential liability for any debts incurred by your former spouse after your divorce is finalized.

In divorce cases where the two parties cannot agree to terms, a court trial may be necessary. In this situation, you will be best served by a lawyer who is knowledgeable about state and county divorce law and has a strong litigation record. However, mediation is often the next step for couples who are unable to arrive at a mutual agreement. This method of alternative dispute resolution allows the parties to hash out the terms of the divorce settlement in a non-adversarial manner in the presence of an objective third party (i.e., a mediator). In addition to being seasoned lawyers, the lawyers at Burrows Law Group serve as professional mediators who can successfully facilitate divorce settlements.

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Dissolving a marriage, particularly when children are involved, is a painful process. At Burrows Law Group, we do everything possible to help our clients get through the havoc of a divorce and make sure they get an equitable settlement. Whether your divorce case can be resolved through mediation or requires aggressive representation in court, we promise to provide the trustworthy, experienced representation and support you need. Give our law firm a call today at 972-236-7798, or feel free to contact us here at any time.