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Divorce Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

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Some Advice Just Doesn’t Cut It

We all have those friends who mean well but tend to give an overabundance of unsolicited advice at inappropriate times. If you are navigating the emotional battleground of a divorce, surrounding yourself with positive people who can support and encourage you is crucial. Taking divorce advice from the wrong person can be detrimental, leaving you in an even more fragile emotional state than you were in to begin with.

Here are some of the worst pieces of divorce advice you could possibly hear:

  1. Set Aside a Secret Stash of Money – It is perfectly fine to save some money to help support yourself once you are on your own. However, hiding your extra funds from your spouse in the midst of a divorce is considered fraud. Not only is it illegal, but if and when your spouse finds out about your secret stash, you will end up having to give it back, possibly pay attorney fees, and lose your credibility.
  1. Change the Locks on the House While Your Spouse is Away – This may sound like a simple way to claim your space when you are in the middle of a big dispute, but it can lead to legal disaster. While you are still married, your home legally belongs to both of you. Play it safe, and consult a lawyer or get permission from the court before locking your spouse out of your life and out of your house.
  1. Expose Your Spouse’s Bad Deeds to Everyone You Know – Even if you feel that your spouse has wronged you, getting revenge in the form of public humiliation is not the best idea. If you let your anger get the best of you now, it could cause more problems in the long run. Broadcasting your spouse’s negative qualities could also have consequences that reach way beyond the shame and embarrassment they will feel initially. A rash decision like this could put their career at risk, which may come back to bite you when it comes to financial support. It could also cause emotional damage for children and other loved ones involved. Some things are better left unsaid.
  1. Be Your Own Lawyer – Unless you have a law degree and are amazingly good at compartmentalizing every aspect of your life, this is a terrible idea. Legal divorce advice is best left to a knowledgeable professional who understands the law inside and out and is not in the middle of dealing with the emotional turmoil of ending a marriage. Trying to save money by doing things on your own is a good way to add more legal problems and financial trouble to your plate.

So where can you get some good advice if you are searching for divorce help in Texas?

If you are facing a marriage in crisis and considering parting ways with your spouse, contact the experts at Burrows Law Group. We can help guide you through this difficult process with knowledge and compassion. Give us a call 972-236-7798 today!