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Meeting With An Attorney

Meeting with an attorney

A Brief Guide in What to Expect

Avoiding Wasted Time and Stress

Most people who seek legal advice do so in response to a serious problem for which they need immediate help. Meeting with an attorney often happens during the most stress-filled time(s) in a person’s life.

To avoid wasted time and added stress with meeting with an attorney, it is wise to arrive prepared for a productive consultation. Preparation helps you make a clear presentation of your situation and focus on the issues and questions that are most important to you. It also enables the attorney to provide specific, useful advice from which your case can benefit. Here are some suggestions to consider when going to consultation with an attorney:

  1. Be sure the attorney with whom you’re meeting is experienced with legal matters pertaining to yours. For example, a board-certified attorney experienced in all aspects of family law would be the ideal choice if you were looking for a knowledgeable attorney.
  2. In advance of the meeting, make written notes about the specific facts related to your legal matter. Identify all parties who may be involved. Lay out the facts in an organized fashion, in the order in which they occurred. Don’t omit anything; a good attorney will know which facts are relevant and which are not.
  3. Make a list of questions for which you want answers, and arrange them in a manner that enables to you to refer to them quickly.

An initial consultation with an attorney is a time to exchange information and determine whether the attorney with whom you’re meeting is right for you. It does not necessarily become the basis for long-term representation. If, after your consultation, you wish to hire that attorney, tell him or her so. You do not want to leave the attorney’s office assuming he or she will be doing work for you while he or she leaves the consultation with just the opposite impression (i.e., tell the attorney you want to work with him/her before he/she assumes there is nothing further to be done).

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If you organize your thoughts, are open and concise in explaining your situation and clearly tell a prospective attorney what you want him or her to do for you, you will have taken a positive first step toward achieving a productive working relationship with that attorney and resolving your legal issue. Let us know if you would like to meet with an attorney at Burrows Law Group today. You can give us a call at 972-236-7798 or contact us here at your earliest convenience.