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How to Choose An Estate Planning Attorney

Couple estate planning

Estate planning is crucial for everyone, no matter your age or income level. But where do you begin? Step one is finding a trustworthy and experienced attorney. Here are a few important considerations when finding the right attorney for you.

Work With An Expert

Many attorneys claim to offer estate planning services, but that doesn’t mean they have much experience in the area. Find someone who lists estate planning as one of just a few areas of specialization, as opposed to a lawyer who promotes an exhaustive list of all types of law.

Read Client Reviews

While reviews aren’t always 100% accurate, they are still a good gauge for the law firm. A couple of mediocre experiences in a sea of positive ones shouldn’t be concerning, but if there are multiple negative reviews, consider looking elsewhere.

Ask About A Succession Plan

Your estate plans may need to be adjusted over time — like if you have children or discover an unexpected health issue. It’s a good idea to inquire about the firm’s succession plan, which determines who takes over if your attorney retires or passes away.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

End-of-life planning is a delicate subject. It can be difficult to discuss, and it may require you to disclose personal information with your attorney. If you don’t feel relaxed with a potential attorney, you’re going to have a hard time settling all the small details that aren’t always the easiest to talk about. Look for a compassionate lawyer who makes you feel at ease.

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