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What To Look For In Child Custody Lawyers

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Finding the right lawyer can be overwhelming. This person will be your advocate as the fate of your family is decided, and it’s important that you have someone in your corner that you trust. Learn what qualities you should be searching for in an attorney to best set you up for success.

Experience in Family Law

When it comes to child custody cases, you need someone with extensive experience. Just because you have a friend who is a lawyer doesn’t mean you should hire them — unless they are a family law specialist who has worked on many child custody cases. Every type of law is unique, so not every lawyer will be right for your case. The best option is to seek out law firms that are entirely focused on family law.

Someone Local

As business becomes increasingly remote, it may seem like hiring a local lawyer isn’t necessary. But working with someone local is about more than being able to meet in person (although that is a big benefit). Local lawyers are familiar with the specific laws of your state and county, so they are well equipped to handle cases in your area. Plus, many lawyers have cultivated professional relationships with local judges and other court staff which could help your case.

Similar Case Work

Every child custody case is different, but some lawyers have experience with particular situations that may be relevant to you. Find an attorney who has worked on cases similar to yours. Some examples of when this may be helpful are cases involving special needs children, abuse, or a large geographical distance between parents. The more experience your lawyer has with situations like your own, the better.

Positive Client Testimonials

Do your research. Look up potential law firms and attorneys online and read reviews. Keep in mind that people are often more likely to write a review for a negative experience than a positive one; but reviews can still be helpful and provide a general idea of the firm. Ask friends and family for recommendations as well.

Compassionate Attitude

Child custody cases are often emotional. You want someone on your side who cares about you and your family and wants the best for your child. When you speak with potential attorneys, notice how they talk about the case. Do they seem like they truly care about your family on a personal level? Or does the conversation feel simply transactional? Listen to your gut, and work with someone you trust.

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