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At Burrows Law Group, we understand that, for many people, divorce is a particularly intimidating process because they do not want to take their case or their spouses to court and put extra strain on an already fragile situation. As a result, mediation is a great alternative to trial, as it fosters amicable dispute resolution between the divorcing parties. Our attorneys at Burrows Law Group are proficient mediators and can advise and guide you while facilitating a smooth marriage-dissolution process, whether you have concerns regarding alimony, child support, or property division.

What Is Mediation?

It’s not uncommon for people outside of the legal services realm to ask about what mediation is when weighing their settlement options. It’s simple, really, and our mediators at Burrows Law Group can walk you through the process step by step. Essentially, mediation is a form of alternative conflict resolution that allows disputing parties to settle their case outside of the courtroom. It is a private process where divorcing spouses will come together to settle their divorce on their own terms in the presence of an objective third party, or mediator.

During mediation, the divorcing parties may address post-marital issues like alimony, child support, child custody, and the division of assets. Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiation in Texas divorce cases, and many counties even require at least an attempt at mediation. Particularly if the case involves children, mediation is definitely the best option. Though the divorce will likely be hard on the children, it is in their best interests for their parents to resolve their issues in a healthy manner through effective communication.

The mediation process can be as long or as short as the spouses determine is necessary to negotiate a full and fair agreement. Mediation could take place in one or two sessions within a week or many sessions over a few months, depending on the complexity of the issues and the cooperation of the spouses.

Once spouses reach an agreement, the mediator will commit it to writing in what’s known in Texas as a “Rule 11 Agreement.” Both spouses will sign the agreement, after which it becomes a binding and irrevocable agreement filed with the court. If mediation does not work, however, and the spouses cannot reach a full agreement on every single dispute, they will likely have to go to trial and have a judge make the final decision.

The attorneys at Burrows Law Group are both proficient mediators and experienced trial attorneys, so we are prepared for whatever outcome your mediation session leads to. If mediation is successful, we can wrap up your divorce matters with the final agreement; if there are still issues left for dispute, we can confidently take your divorce to trial and protect your spousal and parental interests.

Reasons to Choose Mediation for Divorce

There are numerous benefits to pursuing mediation to dissolve a marriage. In particular, mediation has advantages as being:

  • less expensive than pure litigation;
  • highly successful in resolving divorce issues, especially when both spouse are open to compromise and committed to reaching an agreement;
  • confidential, so there’s no public record of what happens in the sessions, as opposed to a public courtroom;
  • conducive to endowing decision-making authority to the spouses (instead of only the judge);
  • conducive to communication and easier future interaction with the spouse easier (especially important if they share children together).

Mediation is focused on the spouses’ futures and on creating a solution favorable to both. Mediation is more cost-efficient and quicker than going to court, and it is a flexible process that allows divorcing individuals to be more in control of their separation decisions. Especially if you work with a professional and experienced mediator like those at Burrows Law Group, you can rest assured that your separation concerns will be appropriately addressed (and negotiated) without deferring to a court’s default decision.

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Burrows Law Group aims to provide Denton County families with sound and compassionate legal support, especially in the face of separation. Naturally, some marriages will come to an end, but this end does not need to be a tense or stressful process. Divorcing spouses can attempt mediation to resolve their marital matters, and an experienced professional at Burrows Law Group can help facilitate a cooperative mediation as best they can. From alimony to division of assets, our firm’s mediators can help you negotiate your post-marital interests and carve your path forward in your new life.

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